Saturday, 21 January 2012

An extraordinary music video - Fever Ray's "When I grow up"

One of those degrees of separation links today.

For the last few days I have listening to an album from a couple of year's ago - First Aid Kit's The Big Black and the Blue, a really lovely album. Today, The Times has a review of a new record by them, The Lion's Roar. This review notes the video for the title track which I checked out on youtube later.

Swedish hippy folkies, First Aid Kit

Meanwhile, years ago, Jose Gonzales had a track used in an advert for Sony televisions, his cover version of The Knife's Heartbreak. The Knife are a Swedish brother and sister who were once described by The Wire as deeply disturbed! As a result of this, I have all their records. A couple of years ago, the sister from The Knife released a solo album under the name Fever Ray, which I also have.

On the youtube page for First Aid Kit's The Lion's Roar, there is a link to another video by them, a cover version of Fever Ray's When I grow up, and theirs is an excellent cover version. And from there, it is a short jump to Fever Ray's own video for that song. And what an amazing thing that is - quite horrific. Like one of those scary Japanese horror films with girls with their hair over their eyes and their head lolling to one side. Very, very disturbing. I note it has had over 6 million views so far!

Fever Ray's video for When I grow Up

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