Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pictures from the "Great Flood of 2005"

More photos have been scanned from my fishing diary, these pictures being "flood" and "non-flood" from the "great" floods of the (fairly) recent past. I think the flood pictures were taken in 2005/06 but I could be wrong about that.

First up is an amazing view of the Thames & Windrush at Newbridge. The Thames is nearly a mile wide in these pictures, extending well past the Maybush pub on the left and into the fields beyond, and flooding to the right so that it joins the Windrush and then further flooding out towards the gravel pits on the right of the picture.

Next, the Windrush at Ducklington near Witney. The first picture is of one of my favourite barbel swims.
Normally three foot deep, in flood it is carrying an extra five foot of water.

Then another barbel swim - normally two foot deep.

In flood, it is 7 foot deep and three times the width. That means there is perhaps 10 times the water in the river if it is flowing at its normal rate, more if the flow is greater.

Finally the bridge at Ducklington. Nowadays I would have been tempted to fish in the floodwater, knowing that barbel could well be very actively feeding. Then I would have had no idea how to go about this and so would definitely not have tried. What a thrill to catch a big barbel in such conditions!

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