Saturday, 31 December 2011

Freakzone downloads

For many years I have wondered where obscure and unusual music might appear on the radio, following the death of John Peel (still sadly missed by me). There are the shows on the internet associated with The Wire Magazine, but now I have located a possible, post-Peel show, Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone (and another of his shows, Freakier Zone).

Some recordings of these have appeared on a download site I use and seem to offer an excellent mix of stuff. The first I've listened to had a great track by John Renbourn (of Pentangle) from his album The Nine Maidens followed by Mellow Candle's Reverend Sisters from the classic Swaddling Songs album. Other downloads include tracks by Ash Ra Tempel, Nico, The Nice, Spirit, Chris and Cosey, even Stuart Dempster (whose trombone pieces recorded in a huge, concrete, underground bunker remains a firm favourite of mine)

So maybe that if something to dip into, even though I have just 16 examples of the show.

Or there is Ondaru Radio, a strange internet radio station that may be based in Russia, and mainly plays modern classical stuff.

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