Saturday, 31 December 2011

Boxes of Old Fishing Magazines

A quick look through the garage here and at my mum's has produced 6 large boxes of fishing magazines. While I do the trading for the next few days I am planning to work my was through these, keeping a selection of articles and organising them in some way. For the moment there are a number of huge piles of magazines in the study.

The first fishing magazines I bought were Course fisherman and Angling, starting around 1975. The latter only lasted a few more years, while CF staggered on until just a few years ago I think. In CF, I really loved the articles by Brian Morland, but he seemed to stop writing by around 1980. Am I right in thinking that he was involved in some sort of scandal related to the chapter of a large barbel that may have been during the close season? CF also had the rather bizarre Chris Binyon, pike angler and overall reprobate. Angling had the first articles I ever read by Tony Miles - two articles on summer and winter chub fishing.

One article that I had forgotten about in CF was an interview with Ray Webb. He had co-authored one of my first fishing books, Fishing for Big Pike, which my parents bought me for Christmas in 1975 or 76. He had famously quit work to fish full time, but had then been afflicted by a series of mental problems, resulting in his hospitalisation, which is where the interview took place. Harrowing stuff.

Other piles include the eccentric Waterlog, lots of different fly fishing magazines, early issues of Improve your Course Fishing, my current favourite, Course Angling Today (going back to 2005) and the excellent Practical Course Fishing, perhaps my all time favourite, as one issue featured me fishing the Hampshire Avon with Tony Miles. And then there are loads of magazines that seemed to only survive a short time, like Course Fishing Monthly. But I do have about twenty issues of Specialist Angler - whatever happened to the National Association of Specialist Anglers (or NASA as it was confusingly called)? I even seem to have some copies of Barbel Fisher - are they still going?

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