Monday, 5 December 2011

A foodie weekend with daughter

Daughter is low on cash and has therefore come home for the weekend, with a clear intention of getting as much subsidy for things as possible - i.e. not having to pay for food, but having nice meals, maybe not paying for her haircut, and so on. So she is home Friday after work. Our first night consists of an Indian meal and watching The Thing.

Saturday she has a 3 or 4 hour appointment at a hairdressers in Abingdon and succeeds in persuading me to contribute. And our meal that night is a 3-course extravaganza - scallops and prawns in a cream and paprika source, followed by fillet steak with a port and red wine jus, and a surprise for dessert - strawberry knickerbocker glory in the style of the pub we like near her flat in London that no longer does them. All accompanied by our last bottle of Lagrazette Cahor red wine.

Sunday is Browns in Oxford for lunch prior to her journey home. Total cost for the weekend - something like £250 to £300.

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