Monday, 12 December 2011

Hawkwind show in London

Off to London to see Hawkwind's traditional Christmas show (they were not playing Oxford this year). We are supposed to have met Daughter late afternoon for an early supper, but it was her work's Christmas party last night and she was still rather hungover!

So we dine alone in Covent Garden and then arrive at the O2 (as it is now called) in Shepherd's Bush just as Hawkwind are coming on stage. It is absolutely jam packed and we eventually settle in a spot about two-thirds back and over to the left. Linda has a tall, bald guy in his fifties in front of her who proves to be an enthusiatic dancer.

I had sort of expected a show very similar to last year, but it is actually quite a different set. They are still playing Prometheus from last year's CD, but tonight also played a stupendous version of (I think) Hassan I Sahba and (much to our surprise) Silver Machine!

And they have two new dancers, doing roughly the same routines as last year, but with less stilts involved.

We drive home listening to disc one of Space Ritual and already plan to see their next shows, set for the spring. Excellent stuff

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