Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Magic Trip

This summer, during our Italian break, I re-read On the Bus, a photo-journalist, oral history of the "legendary" Ken Kesey bus trip immortalised in Tom Wolfe's Electric Cool Aid Acid Test. And this week a movie has appeared, Magic Trip, based on the digital remastering of the original footage and a considerable amount of "post-production" work to tidy it up. An essential DVD purchase I feel.

Much to my surprise, Linda is prepared to watch it with me, so this becomes our Sunday night viewing. This is exactly my sort of thing. Proto-hippies driving around, having "far out" experiences fuelled by excessive consumption of the then-legal LSD. Wild music from the earliest version of The Grateful Dead (Garcia without a beard, Pigpen on vocals). None of the responsibilities of normal life - yes, very much my thing, and just as congruent to my values today as when I first read the Tom Wolfe book around 30 years ago.

I suspect Linda hated it

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