Monday, 12 December 2011

First fishing trip for ages

I am currently having a big throw out of old magazines and this week's theme has been fishing magazines - mainly fairly recent issues of Course Fishing Today (I haven't managed to find the boxes of older magazines which must be lurking in the garage somewhere). The weather forecast is quite poor for the next few days and I was inspired to try and sneak in a trip before the weather got much worse.

The chosen venue was a local stretch of the Evenlode. No time to make bait, so I am forced into buying some at the fishing tackle shop in Witney. As I parked near the farm, I was approached by a guy who I thought might be going to ask me to leave, but it turned out that he was just curious who I was, having not seen many members of the club on this stretch in the two years he has lived there.

The river looked really bad - I have never seen it so low. I would guess it was two foot below the lowest level I have ever seen it before. This could be a problem as some of the spots I planned to fish were now effectively shallows. I decide on a relatively static approach, baiting up a longish, reasonably deep run where I have had a few nice fish in the past. But it is not a great afternoon and I manage just one fish, a chub of about 2lbs.

Maybe the rain we are due will perk it up a bit and I can have another trip over Christmas.

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