Thursday, 24 November 2011

Yet more amazing music - Grouper

The current issue of Wire Magazine (how often do I write that?) has a feature on someone called Liz Harris, who performs via her solo project, Grouper. The article isn't very clear what her music actually sounds like, but it is intriging enough to spark my interest. It is my monthly renewal date with, and basically all her releases are available for download, so I now have A I A: Alien Observer and Dream loss, Dragging a Dead Deer up a Hill, Cover the Windows and the Walls, two singles and a shared CD with Inca Ore

Once again, a truly amazing artist. Similar in some ways to the Hildur Gudnadottir music that I have been listening to for the past month or so, but this time a guitar plus effects, rather than a cello. But the overall sound is very similar - lo-fi, sludgy noise, etc. I am completely captivated by it.

Lots of live clips on Youtube - I am really taken by one clip called "Grouper - Untitled (live in Seoul)"

Liz Harris as Grouper - amazing music

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