Thursday, 24 November 2011

Videos of The Acid Mothers Temple in Oxford

When I was at the Acid Mothers Temple show the other day, there was a guy standing to my right leaning against the wall and with quite a fancy camera set up. On a single pole, he had an SLR camera, a small digital camera and what looked like a microphone or possible another camera of some sort.

And in the last couple of days, two videos have appeared on Youtube which were clearly taken by him. I have to say, they are extremely good. I have a programme called "youtube downloader" so I can copy videos to my PC and have really enjoyed the 30 minutes he has made available so far. Hope the rest of the shows eventually appears.

Part 1 - the first 30 minutes

Part 2 - Pink Lady Lemonade

I am standing about 5 yards to the tapers left, directly in front of the ultra-cool guitar-synth player.

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