Monday, 14 November 2011

Julian Cope's Krautrock book

I have been dipping into Julian Cope's book, Krautrocksampler over the last couople of days, following the long article in the current issue of Wire Magazine on Manuel Gottsching and the creation of the album "E2-E4". Cope is such an enthusiast! By the end of 50 pages, I am digging through my CDs for Amon Duul II's Yeti, Can's Tago Mago, a couple of CDs of early Ash Ra Tempel and the first Neu record.

I have also found my copy of Cope's equivalent book, Japrocksampler. A current version of this might cover my favourite band, Boris, but the book actually focuses on earlier bands I've never heard of. But this is always the problem - reading Wire, or books like Cope's just set me off again on a wild chase for obscure music.

And that reminds me, I was much surprised to discover that Japanese Psychedelic band, The Acid Mothers Temple, are playing in Oxford this week. I have acquired a ticket and will be among the chosen few at the tiny Jerico Tavern on Wednesday. The current tour has been featuring the epic 30 minute freak out that is Pink Lady Lemonade - hope that play that one when I see them.

Amon Duul II Cds

Can's magnificent Tago Mago, due out again soon in a new edition

Ash Ra Tempel - Manuel Gottsching on the left below

Neu - also very cool. I remember hearing John Peel play Hallogallo years ago. Excellent stuff.

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