Thursday, 17 November 2011

Acid Mothers Temple play a show in Oxford!!!

In Blackwells with Daughter on Sunday I happened to see an advert for an Oxford show by the Acid Mothers Temple. Now there is something I had never expected to happen. I am able to get a ticket online and so it is off to a pub in Jerico to see one of my all time favourite bands. Some searching through the study and I discover that I actually have, in one format or another, over 60 AMT recordings.

When I arrived, the band were actually all sitting at the back of the room upstairs at a small merchandising table, signing copies of their latest CD, The Ripper at the heavens Gates of Dark. What an off bunch they are. You don't really think of their being Japanese hippies in their fifties, but there most definitely are!

They set up their equipment themselves on a tiny stage about the same size as the one in our village hall, then it is off into two hours of psychedelic guitar freakery. Perhaps surprisingly, they play two tracks I know - La Novia and Lady Pink lemonade. Stependous stuff all round and well appreciated by the 400 or so people there.

A guy to my right was videoing or recording the show. I shall be on various download websites in the next week or two to see if I can find this.

Japanese hippies - yeah!

How the Acid Mothers Temple appeared when I first came across them - a huge hippie tribe!

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