Tuesday, 12 October 2010

On this day in 1984 and 1991


An incredible amount of work to do today. Loads of post to send off - time sheets to E&W, Mark's tapes, and my keys to Capel Road to Quadrant. An aerial has to be removed for which Granada wish to charge me £25 but which they eventually agreed to do for £4.

Then off to the West End for a couple of hours. Two books acquired at The Economist Bookshop at LSE. Also 3 records - more Iggy Pop, the new This Mortal Coil LP. Home via Stratford to restock the freezer.

Jem had said he'd be in sometime in the evening and I twice phoned, speaking to Lynne each time. In the end I went round to see her (and Jem failed to appear). So Lynne and I sat and chatted for a couple of hours which was nice. She provided some food and we had a couple of drinks. Lynne continues to be teased about her "I'm not a prude" quote which seems to have served to cast her as a prude. I think she is really nice and I had a very nice evening with her. She has a cold at the moment and may have been pleased I didn't stay longer

Addendum 2010 - this is about the time of the move from Capel Rd in Leytonstone to another property just down the road. "Lynne" is Lynne Teasdale, a friend from Ernst and Whinney. She shared a flat with Jeremy Owens (though they were friends rather than a couple). She was a very tall brunette from Liverpool who I rather liked. No idea what happened to her post E&W


While Linda and Emma were off to the hairdressers in East Ham, I have a day on my own planned. First off, a quick trip to Camden. The Electric Ballroom had a record fair on which I had been really keen to go to, and where I hoped to acquire some new bootleg tapes. But it seems bootleggers have moved onto CDs as there were hundreds of these available, but mostly heavy rock rather than the indie stuff I like. Still I could have easily spent loads of money - but did resist.

Back home there was an hour and a half of loft-tidying and then the bathroom to work on which is the next decorating task. On the way to collect Linda and Emma later I discovered a book fair at East Ham library, where I bought 7 books for £2. Back home and Linda is annoyed that more progress hasn't been made - despite her having had a day out and not contributing anything. I don't think she was feeling well either, but by the evening she is really cross and has an early night while I stay up on my own

Addendum 2010 - I was relatively late switching to CDs. Hard to believe given the 3 or 4 thousand that I now have. Last week I threw out two boxes of cassettes - mostly bootleg recordings of one sort or another. How times change

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