Sunday, 10 October 2010

On this day in 1983 and 1989


Hopefully this morning will be my last expensive morning. We are all in a blinding hurry because Smith overslept and only had 10 minutes to get ready. And lo and behold, a vision was on the platform in the shape of Miss Debbie Richards done up in her interview gear in case someone is swayed by her charm and pearl necklace into letting her be articled. This gave me and Smith a chance to take the piss out of her all the way to Holborn

This morning's lecture was suitably amazing. I'm sure all three of us sat there entralled. Clive wasn't there and also didn't turn up for the class that he was supposed to be taking. For my part, I had forgotten to pick up the duplicated article and so didn't know what was going on at all

So I was back mid-afternoon and actually did a bit of work after completing a long list of nwhat I think I would like to do. My main concerns are with getting a basis for History of Modern Philosophy and Political Thought. I can worry about the others in 6 to 7 weeks time

Over the last week or so, Simon has been trying to find a fifth man for our house. It would be nice if he could. Tonight he brought someone round and he has decided to take the place, so me and Andrew's weekly payments fall to less than £5 and that includes the video. The only trouble is he seems a bit of a prat to me.

I watched at least 6 hours of tv tonight, as did Fritz who got in around 7:00.

Addendum 2010 - Ah to be student! This entry is from the start of year three at LSE when I am living in Forest Gate, East London. Smith is Andrew Smith, public school boy and eventual lawyer who I shared with for three or four years in total. Debbie Richards was a law student at LSE who lived near us. I can't remember much about her except that she was friends with Ruth Thompson, the un-requited object of my affection for much of my time at LSE. Clive was Clive Davis, who I would become very close friends with later that year, and in the next two years when we became neighbours in Leytonstone. Can't remember who Simon was. In the third year at Uni I rented our house from a housing charity and over-charged everyone else, so I hardly paid anything. Simon was one of my many "victims", as was Fritz, from South America


Linda's dad and I worked on the toilet and the kitchen today - he did the cistern and I did the light fitting and some painting. We had arranged for a bloke to come round and plumb in our washing machine - a friend of the downstairs neighbours - but he never showed. Surprisingly, Linda was wuite pleased with the room.

Baby returned this afternoon and we played sitting up games together. This is good practice for her and also tires he out so she goes to sleep really easily afterwards

Addendum 2010 - Emma is of course 21 1/2 years old now and is downstairs watching X-factor as I write this. She is quite good at sitting up

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