Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Thinking about my hedge-fund start-up

A recent book I've been reading - Lars Kroijer's Money Mavericks - concerns a hedge fund start-up during a period that pretty much corresponds with the period that I was working at my hedge fund start-up. I had thought the book would be an enjoyable read, but actually I have found it tougher going than expected as it contains so much that is similar to our own experience. The book says it is a real insider view of hedge fund start-ups and that is really a pretty good description. Negatives outweigh the positives much of the time - especially related to fund raising which I remember as just totally soul-destroying. The fickleness of investors is a another major gripe - and then the constant problems of fund performance. So it has tended to be a disquieting read, but also good to hear that someone else experienced pretty much what we did.

On the other hand, there was much that was enjoyable about the period too, mainly the working with Jerome, Sam and Ellie on the project. Jerome is, of course, involved in the current trading project but I haven't seen Sam for four or five years now, nor Ellie for more than two. I really should try and get in touch

Sam and Ellie at Glastonbury as few years ago

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