Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The latest trip to France - Part 3


Today was mainly spent working on the floors and skirting boards in Petits Chats - filling in various gaps and awkward shapes.  The expansion gap for the wood floor is wider than the skirting board, so some filler will have to be used.  Not perfect but the first bits seem ok

There has been some van progress - and it might actually be done very soon, maybe by tomorrow

More work on the PC kitchen  - more painting of chairs and first coats of primer onto the kitchen units


Finishing touches to the main bedroom first thing

Steve has managed to get lights working throughout Petits Chats now, so every room can be more easily worked in.  He has also fitted the finished lights in two of the upstairs bedrooms and they look very good.

The van is repaired - as we suspected, the problem was the altinater not charging the battery properly.  And it seems to work really well now.

An evening out with Grant and Karen.  A rather delicious meal and a very pleasant evening chatting.


Bit of a hangover this morning!

And it is -4 degrees first thing

In the kitchen, the dimensions of everything have been worked out and I am now planning to buy a cooker from the UK and bring it out with me in January.  Steve assures me that he will have no problem fitting this for French gas cylinders provided I buy the correct LPG conversion kit.

In one hour this morning, the tree at the far end of the garden lost all its leaves.  The grass is now a foot deep in leave and Grant's trench has filled up

My last meal of this trip - chicken and peppers, potatoes, etc.  Wife and I have this meal a lot in France for some reason.  And I am up to episode 6 of The Bridge.


Last day as I am going home one week earlier than originally planned.  Spent the morning doing a detailed re-cap of everything - overall, progress has been ok given that time has been restricted

No sure if it will be X'mas or January when we are next down - I suspect the latter?

An uneventful trip back to Caen, but some bad news tonight in respect of Wife's brother, whose latest test results show a marked deterioration over the last few months.

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