Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The latest trip to France - Part 2


I have settled into a standard routine.  First thing, from about 6:00am onwards, I am doing painting.  This morning it is the white Armoire that is going to go into the double bedroom upstairs in Petits Chats.  This is currently in pieces on the lounge floor.  Another recurrent job has been the corridor by the back bedroom and that was finally completed this morning.

Once it is light, other jobs come into play.  For instance, today dump mountain was finally cleared.

Progress continues on the upstairs bathroom which now has its bits and pieces plumped in and is not far off being ready to tile.

I have also started some kitchen planning - mainly clearing out bits and pieces and moving other bits of furniture into possible locations.  Tomorrow I am going to remove the tiles from where the new sink will be and from under the fireplace.


Off to St Jean market first thing, where I buy a large block of delicious duck-mousse pate and some sort of kidney-based stew mix.

Then to GITEM where I have discovered that range cookers are far more expensive than I had thought in France and that most dishwashers are the same size.  I nearly bought one that was on offer but am not quite far enough along with my planning.

Today was mainly spent on painting the walls and ceiling of the double bedroom in Petits Chats.  This was surprisingly hard work and I am also running low of the James White paint that we were planning to use for all of the upstairs rooms in PC.

A bit of an evening off tonight and I watched Anchorman in preparation for the release of the second movie very soon


Lots of tile removal in the PC kitchen this morning - more mess and some repairs needed before it can be tiled again.

Then lots of cleaning up required

And more arranging furniture in the rough plan of the kitchen layout.  It does sort of look like a kitchen now.

But I have also decided that the cooker has to move from my planned location under the fireplace - it is just not high enough to make work possible

During the afternoon I watched the Ireland vs All Blacks rugby match while continuing the chair production line - now up to six chairs (three, slightly-different pairs) all painted in the same Annie Sloan Grey

Also watched The Bridge tonight - first 2 episodes of the Danish-Swedish version


Into St Jean for a paper and some shopping, then car trouble as the van won't restart.  Looks like a battery problem to me, but not sure why it did start first time this morning.

I have to arrange a taxi back home, and then have Grant and Karen arrange to help, and to arrange a drop at a garage - but will it be ready by Friday?

Bathroom upstairs progress - ready for more painting.

But two good things in the evening.  The Land rover, which is in a garage in the UK, is ok and doesn't need much work doing.

And someone wants to book two weeks in the entire house for 18 people - a good amount of money for this but therefore everything must be ready - no excuses now.

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