Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The latest trip to France - Part 1


Very foggy on the drive down from Caen.  My cold is still bad and I am not going to be able to work as hard as planned for at least the first few days.  No music for most of the way as the little MP3 player won't work off the car's cigarette lighter for some reason.  It makes a big difference to the enjoyment of driving when I can't listen to music

A quick trip to Leclerc to stock up though there is hardly any room in the van for shopping.  I don't have to go out now for three or four days (except for fresh bread and patiserie treats of course)

I met Grant late afternoon to discuss the pending work - Steve not done as much as expected in the last couple of weeks but will be in for the next few days, so I have been prioritizing my work to fit round this.  First thing to do - lay the wooden floor in the upstairs bathroom of Petits Chats  

Base camp 1 - the lounge in Cadran (mainly a painting site for early mornings and evenings when it is too dark to work in Petits Chats)

Base camp 2 - the kitchen in  Petits Chats (currently full of bathroom stuff brought down from the UK)


The cat is back and bothers me constantly until I feed it - apparently he has never left the property since we were last here (presumably someone else does feed him though elsewhere)

Steve is in and focused on the two bathrooms in Petits Chats.  The floor is done in the one upstairs and the shower is about to be assembled and installed.

The downstairs bathroom now has all its bits of kit in and the plumbing can start soon

While Steve does plumbing, I have started on the repaint of the main bedroom - a rather attractive Farrow ad Ball colour called "Calomine".  

Calls from Wife this evening - already there are issues arising from my absence.  Not good


Off to St Jean to visit our insurance company, AXA, and bank, BNP, for various admin things and which tests my ropey French to the limit.  While I deal with these, Steve has been dropped at Bricomarche for more supplies - the next set of things in the apparently unlimited amount of stuff needed

Meanwhile Grant is digging a ditch to connect the plumbing from Petits Chats' bathrooms to the fosse in the garden.

In the afternoon I visited Emmaus where they have an armoire that will just about fit in the space I have highlighted for one on the landing in Cadran.  For E130, an absolute bargain.


First thing today, I have assembled the armoire and it looks great.  Very pleased indeed with that and a real showstopper for that location.

Then I am doing more work on the corridor and back bedroom walls where the room was reduced in size to connect into Petits Chats

And I have finished painting the main bedroom, which looks pretty good

Another trip out with Steve today for more pipes - and a chance to hear his story of why he now lives in France (having moved down from Oldham).

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