Tuesday, 3 December 2013

De-cluttering - Cds and books

We have begun to face some of the enormous issues that might arise should one of our possible plans for 2014 come to fruition.  This implies that we would be well-advised to thin down our possessions considerably.  Initially this could cover books, cds and DVDs.

So I have made a start and have separated out twenty bags of books to go to charity shops, a dozen boxes of books to store at mum's and a few boxes of books to keep with me.  But this has only covered about the first tenth of our stuff (if that).

De-cluttering is an odd concept it seems to me.  We used to watch a series called The Life Laundry in which serial hoarders had their lives sorted out via a de-clutter.  Most of the people featured on that clearly had serious issues to deal with!  I am also pretty sure that I once came across an organisation for professional de-clutterers - can I really be right about that?

But I haven't yet noticed any panges of regret about the books that have gone to Oxfam.

Next up - list a few hundred CDs on Amazon and see if I can sell them for £1,000

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