Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More discussions with Daughter

Daughter is working hard on her research about various things - the various academic courses she could do, the places she could travel to next, the possibilities for work in the future.  I am trying to keep up, so I can discuss things in something like a meaningful manner with her.

It would seem that the initial plan to study in the USA at Grad school is perhaps dropping away, mainly as the courses are all four years (plus) and lead to a doctorate - perhaps more academic than Daughter would like at this stage.  I have been re-reading the cartoon "PhD Comic" which does cast US Grad school in a slightly unflattering light.  The comic has been going over 10 years now and none of the participants have made much progress in that time - it is clearly adopting the pattern of the characters not aging as fast as time passes, rather than the "Doonesbury" real time approach.

Two typical cartoons, featuring the lovely Cecelia

So the current focus is on UK-based MScs and D-phils, and I was pleased to be able to send her one course plan that I'd found which she now thinks of as her favourite.

Another part of her plan is to possibly do a year of various travel trips, including possibly internships in various development realted projects.  I haven't read up much on this, but some do seem pretty good.  Of course my main issue is that will lead to her being away from the UK for extended periods but this is a consequence of having such a confident daughter.

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