Sunday, 8 April 2012

Daughter's travel difficulties

A phone call that all parents dread when their daughter is travelling far away. Daughter would like to speak to me - not her mum - urgently. I take a deep breath as I wonder if she has been arrested.

But it turns out that she thinks she has a missing flight from her travel itinerary. The other people she is travelling with have an air flight voucher for Lima to Quito, Emma doesn't. It is late on Good Friday when she calls and I can't speak to her travel agent, but I do find someone at LAN airways. He gives us some advice, and confirms that the flight does still have some seats left on it. A bit of pondering suggests it would be better to buy her one of these tickets rather than wonder whether she actually does have a ticket, but not the voucher. Otherwise she might be stuck in Lima and miss the last part of her trip.

So I end up spending £575 on this flight for her. She will argue for compensation from her travel agent when she gets back, as the flight would have been less than half this price if she had booked it last November with the other flights.

But at least she hasn't been arrested.

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