Friday, 20 April 2012

Daughter's Birthday

Off to London for an evening out with Daughter to celebrate her 23rd birthday.  It was a rainy horrible day as we drove down, but we made it to Borough Market from Daughter's flat between showers and settled in for some lunch.  Too cold for hot dogs outside, so again I have missed out in this treat.

Dodging showers, we walked to Covent Garden where we were able to get Daughter the present she wanted - one of the new ipads from the Apple store. Then Wife and I settled into the Cross Keys pub, one of the pubs we used to go to when we first met and just round the corner from Wife's workplace at the time - which is now a Cath Kitson store.  The Cross Keys has some stuffed fish on display, but not as good as ones in the bar at the Swan on the Thames.

At Waterstones on Piccadilly, the heavens open and there is even thunder and lightning.  We were not sure about Daughter's timing for the evening but in the end she finishes around 6:00.  Our first port of call was then Fortnum and Masons where she buys herself a little box of mixed chocolates, and then it is off to the first floor cafe for drinks and ice creams. 

Then to the bar at Quaglinos but just for a drink this year.  Finally to Le Caprice for tonight's meal.  Just as we got there, there was a slight wobble as Daughter seemed tired and a bit overwhelmed by the busy restaurant, but that soon passed and we actually ended up having a really nice meal.  We all tried different things to what we might usually have, and it was all very good. 

Tara Palmer Tomkinson was there but I resisted the temptation to go over and make small talk.  That said, she looked prettier in person than she does in the press I thought.

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