Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Liz Harris (Grouper) show in London

I have continued to regularly look for more Youtube videos of Liz Harris performing. I had assumed that these might be shows from the current "Velvel Replacement" tour, but much to my surprise, two videos have appeared from recent shows in London that were not actually VR shows but were regular sets of tracks from the recent album. I would have loved to have seen this show but didn't know it was occuring. Nonetheless, I am delighted that the shows have gone out on Youtube

The venue - Cafe OTO in London - is now getting quite a reputation as an avant garde music venue. Kaiji Haino performed there quite recently - I bet that was an intense show. I was the 2nd and 3rd views of these videos. Very impressed by the audio quality and have listened to the show twice already

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