Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Preparations for another trip to the Lake District

A possible window has opened for another quick trip up to the Lake District. Just me this time and two nights camping. I would leave on the Thursday, return on the Saturday. With Jerome's various children related things and his forthcoming operation, I have worked out that this is only possible gap that I could do this in until some time in June.

I am very keen to test whether I can carry a large pack and all the various things I need to stay out for a couple of days. This is the next stage in my very distant planning for a major climbing trip in, perhaps, 2013. Progress towards this far-off goal has been good so far. The gym is going well and our recent Lake District walking went ok, once I was past the first hour (and started burning fat)

So I reckon it is essential to take this opportunity and I am now actively planning possible routes and meal schedules.

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