Saturday, 2 April 2011

Laura Nyro

The wonders of the random shuffle feature on my ipod threw up a record I hadn't heard for ages today - Lyra Nyro's Christmas and the Beads of sweat cd. This is loaded down with great tracks such as Up on the roof, Upstairs by a Chinese lamp, Map to the Treasure, Christmas in my soul - a truly amazing record which I have loved listening to the last couple of days.

I remember reading a really good biography about her 5 or 6 years ago. In many ways, she had a really poignant life what with the inability to have a hit record of her own while dozens of others had hits with her songs, and then the cancer she suffered from. I am surprised to discover that I have 9 cds of her music - they are sure to be listened to carefully over the next few days

One of the all-time great records

My other favourite of her records

A relatively late photo - she was a most striking looking person I always thought

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Artamus Sumatra said...

It wasn't an inability to have hit records of her own - it was her being blocked out of any chance, by clueless radio programmers choosing not to play her versions, because apparently, they feared People's heads would explode if they actually got to hear a Laura Nyro song sung by Laura Nyro herself. In every case, Laura's versions are vastly superior, she packs more Heart and soul into her performances, than the cover Artists could ever dream of doing. If Laura's versions had gotten the airplay, I guarantee, they would have all been even bigger hits.