Thursday, 28 April 2011

101 "favourite" tracks, No 31 - 40

31. Dead Can Dance, Crescent

I first saw Dead Can Dance in early 1984, when they supported Cocteau Twins at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. Then twice more in April of that year, when I recorded their show at the Loughborough Hotel in Brixton. Since then, I have seen just about every show they have done within 50 miles of wherever I happened to me. All told, perhaps 35 shows. That so much of the live show music remained unrecorded was something their always gave their shows something unique. I worked out the other day that I have somewhere in the region of 150 bootleg recordings of them.

For me, one of the defining live music experiences has been to watch Lisa Gerrard. Her performances of Sanvean at the London Town and Country Club shows were breathtaking. Or Salem's Lot on the 2005 "reunion" tour. Yet in picking my favourite track of their's, I have actually gone for a Brendan track from the 2005 tour. For me, the almost perfect encapturlation of what the band overall was about.

Alternates: Perhaps 35 others!

32. Sandy Denny,

33. Dinosaur Jr

34. Anna Domino

35. The Doors, Roadhouse Blues

Alternates, Light my fire (the long version)

36. Echo and the Bunnymen, Villiers Terrace


37. Ella Guru,


38. Brian Eno, Sparrowfall


39. John Fahay,


40. The Fall, Smile


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