Sunday, 23 December 2012

Couple more days in France, then illness


-5 overnight.  Who says it never gets cold in this part of France?

Paint tests continue.  Nothing is leaping out as the perfect colour yet.  My favourite so far is a slightly off white, but perhaps something a little more cream or even pale yellow might be better.

The doors are presenting a real problem.  I hate the two toned pattern they are currently painted, but have not yet got a good plan to replace it.

A visit from Grant this afternoon and a trip to Sainte to buy the bathroom cabinets.  He is starting to firm up a decent list of pending stuff to be working on and the timetable to complete everything before Easter is beginning to come together.

I had expected Daughter and I to go out for dinner a couple of times, but we have steaks in again tonight.  Now I am beginning to feel unwell - a cough is developing and some flu like symptoms.


I feel awful overnight and the journey back home is really bad.  We have lunch at the creperie in St Jean and then set off for the long drive to Caen.  This seems to go on forever.  I don't want to eat anything when we do stop and just want to get to Caen and go to bed.  I book a second cabin for us - we were going to have shared a four berth cabin this leg of the trip - now we have two four-berth cabins.

I was asleep about 3 minutes after getting to my cabin.  And on Friday, I manage to drive home before going staright to bed, where I more or less remain for the next four days

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