Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Our French house has its own website

The main work I've been doing since the return from France has been the creation of a website for the house and the listing of the house on various holiday website.  I had created a draft website before the house purchase was even completed.  The website uses Wordpress and a template acquired from a gite website designer based in France.  It is a fairly simple site but it does look good we think.

The house is now listed on four holiday websites.  I wanted to get this done very quickly as people probably start thinking about next year's holidays around Christmas time.  My target is 12 weeks of rental booking next year and 18 the year after (when we will have two properties listed).  So I only expect to get about one or two enquiries a week and maybe one booking every two or three weeks.  I doubt the phone will be ringing all the time.

So this is the homepage http://cadran-solaire.co.uk

and part of a page advertising the local area

We were rather pleased with the graphics for the links to the various holiday websites

and here is one of the holiday website pages

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