Sunday, 30 December 2012

Huge number of Fushitsusha and Keiji Haino live shows

One of the consistently "hard" listens in modern music is Fushitsusha, Japanese noise at its finest, but difficult to listen to in anything other than small doses I find.  Yet it is also well known that many shows by this band are of extreme length - five hours plus in some cases.  So it is with some excitement that I stumbled across a huge stack of recordings of the band on a website that hosts "recordings of independent origin"

So I am now the proud possessor of about 20 live shows by either the full band or Keiji Haino on his own - and some are 6 cds long.  Will I ever work my way through them all?  Who knows - but certainly the first one I played got a firm thumbs down from Wife and I only played about 5 minutes. 

Oddly enough, they recently played some shows in the UK - there is a great clip of them on youtube playing a 45 mins set in Hackney.  And they played super trendy Cafe Oto then as well.  If I lived in London still, these are the sort of shows I would go to.

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