Friday, 29 June 2012

Big changes for Daughter - a giant step

So Daughter has resigned from her job after just over 18 months and is preparing to book her 3-month trip to India in September and then another 3-month trip to the far east in January.  She is not clear yet what she will do for the six months after this before she returns to college to do her planned MSc.

This is a hugely brave decision at this time, what with the general job situation.  But she has thought it through long and hard (indeed to extreme levels of longness and hardness) and is very up for it.

The initial response from her boss was quite supportive, as it has been from her closest friends.  She will finish on August 31st and leave for India two weeks later.  I am generally very favourably disposed to these plans, while Wife finds it all very stressful. 

But there is also the slightly sad feeling in the back of my mind, that this was what I had planned to do when I was Daughter's age, but which were put on hold by the arrival of Daughter.   I can't help feeling that I am now too old to go on such trips, though they have formed a significant part of my planning over the years.

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