Friday, 15 June 2012

What I did on my 49th Birthday

4:30 - Woke up.  My current natural waking up time.  The overnight rain has blown over and the sun is out. 

5:00 - Drove to the river Windrush.  Baited four swims with 2 pints of hemp and a couple of dozen boilies each.  River is down another inch or so.  But, are the barbel in residence?

5:45 - Drove to the river Thames.  Walked 3 miles, baiting 8 swims with hemp and either sweetcorn or boilies.  Saw two kingfishers.

7:00 - Called in at the papershop on the way home. Bought The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, 2 small bottles of Coke and a Kitkat

7:30 - set a gallon of hemp seed cooking.  Reviewed overnight financial markets and ran trading risk management protocols.

8:00 - started detailed review of French Cookery School website

8:15 - 90 minute call to Jerome re changes to current option risk management protocols

9:45 - re-started review of Cookery school website

9:50 - call from Daughter wishing me "happy birthday" and suggesting we might be able to meet in Oxford earlier than planned as she doesn't have much work today

10:10 - re-start review of Cookery school website. Keep water topped off for bait making

11:30 - take over trading.  Re-calculate hedging model using draft protocols.  Lunch

13:45 - Off to Oxford to meet Daughter

14:20 - Sat in Blackwells discussing Daughter's current travel and study plans and some of the insights she thinks she has gained by reading certain blogs.  Daughter creates her own blog

16:15 - Drive home

17:00 - Prep for evening out

18:45 - Go to Village pub for meal out. 

21:00 - return home

22:30 - Bed

Happy Birthday to me!

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