Friday, 22 June 2012

A bad hayfever reaction and work on trading

As my fishing blog relates, I have had a really bad hayfever reaction in the last couple of days and my left eye has swollen up a huge amount.  For the past two mornings, I have woken up to find my eye fused closed by the thick tears that are constantly being secreted.  A bit of time spent bathing the eye and then it seems to improve.  I am currently using vast quantities of Optrex Multi-action Eye Wash on it every hour or so and there is a definite improvement.  It is less swollen but still very bloodshot.  So fishing is currently out and I have been doing other things.

But that said, my computer screen is a little bright for my sore eyes and so I have been wearing sunglasses to work.  Also, the thick goo my eye produces all the time make seeing small text and numbers on the screen quite hard.  So work is also limited.

In a week or so's time, we have a visit from our friend Jerome and his girl friend to discuss our current French proposal in more detail.  So I am trying to prepare some material for that. 

And on my main work, I have been trying to simplify the option hedging programme so that we are not as busy as we were a few weeks back, with constant trades all day for very little net effect. 

In the main though, I spend as much time as possible in a dark room, with a cotton wool pad soaked in eye wash over my eye, and a book to read through the other, still-good eye!

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