Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"Jung - A Biography in Books" & "A Dangerous Method"

In Blackwells on Saturday I came across the most beautiful book, Shamdasani's CG Jung: A Biography in Books. This same person was responsible for the stunning facsimile edition of Jung's The Red Book, at the stunning price of something like £160. This new book was £35 and I am seriously considering getting it.

It is over 25 years since I first started reading Jung seriously. During 1988, I bought five volumes of his Collected Works from a secondhand bookshop in Stoke Newington for about £15 each - I note they now sell for £60 plus. The editions of Aion, Alchemical Studies, Psychology and Alchemy, Symbols of Transformation and Psychology and Religion are among my most treasured books.

I was alway a Jungian rather than a Freudian!

Coincidentally, we decided to watch the new movie about Freud and Jung, A Dangerous Method. This is based loosely on fact, though some aspects of the relationship between Jung and Sabina Spielrein are considered to be somewhat unfactual. Much of the pre-release attention has focused on scenes of Kiera Knightley being spanked - no doubt a fine way to sell a movie, but probably not true.

Actually the movie was pretty good I thought.

What a fine actress Kiera is!

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