Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Current reading - virtually all fishing related!

My current reading has been mainly fishing related. I had been delaying reading Tony Miles' "50 Years on the Ouse" as I suspected I would enjoy it so much, but started about a week ago. Last night's reading included an account of a 5 day trip chubbing, where he caught just 11 fish despite fishing till past midnight each night. It is when I read these sorts of accounts that I realise that I am still rather off the pass compared to the intensity with which it is possible to fish.
Before that, I was reading his book about Adams Mill and Kickles Farm, "Elite Barbel". Again this demonstrates the intensity of fishing that he was prepared to go through and which I wouldn't have done. But sad that those two waters are now largely free of barbel.
And finally, a book that consists of barbel articles from early issues of Course Angling Today. I have rather enjoyed this too, if only for the sharp exchanges between Horak, Lampard and Miles on the joys of touch ledgering. Barbel fishing has really changed over the past 10 years or so and I am well off the pace. But I have recently bought a large back of halibut pellets and I might give it a go if I manage a day on the Kennet before the end of the season.
None fishing reading has been mainly Christopher Hibbert "London: The Biography of a City". I am just moving into the 1600s at the moment - how odd to hear mention of the villages of Hoxton, Islington and Mile End outside the city. And to find out that where Daughter lives was always a rought area!
Finally, work related and a continuing detailed study of Natenberg's Option Volatility and Pricing.. This will be the third time I have read this. Just looking for things we may have missed in some of the trading stuff we do now. Complex stuff.

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