Thursday, 16 February 2012

Aki on Masterchef

In the last week or two, we have been catching up with the last few episodes of Masterchef 2011, where Tim has rightly won, and we are now well into Masterchef 2012 - is this programme ever off the screens?

The hightlight of the current series is, of course, the very bizarre Aki. Japanese, in her early twenties, hyperactive, doe-eyed, doing a PhD in quantum physics (!!), and with a series of the oddest facial expressions you could ever wish for. And she has a posh English accent! As far as I can see, she is totally perfect and I will be very disappointed when she is eliminated, as I suspect there is not much chance she can win as she basically only knows Japanese cooking!

Addendum, Thursday: And just when you think it can't get any madder, this week Aki tries to make a chocolate brownie and ends up with most of the mixture on her apron or face. Yet she still gets through, just.

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