Friday, 10 February 2012

Chub in the snow Part 2

Following the snow, a night of extreme sub-zero temperatures of around -10C. My thoughts turn to chub and the attempt to catch a decent sized one in such conditions. I was on my way to the river aboput 11:00, with lots of pauses to take pictures.
Snow doesn't hold on thin willow branches apparently
Just below the ford - in the summer, a fine chub and possible barbel swim
Another fine summer swim - a nice gravel bar runs down to the tree on the far bank
My fishing focused on what I have been calling "swims one to four". The picture above is from "swim 4". In swim one I actually caught a little chub of maybe 1.5lbs. On the one hand, this is still not the four-pounder "snow chub" that I want. On the other hand, it is good to know there are some smaller fish about - this is actually my smallest fish of the year so far.
A thaw is underway by the early afternoon - the raft in swim 3 looking down towards swim 4
But just the one fish for my efforts for the afternoon - and jolly cold

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