Saturday, 19 March 2011

Shameless - older episodes

The last few days we have been watching a few episodes from season 7 of Shameless which we somehow seem to have missed at the time. In the latest episode, Chesney and Carl are on the run after being accused of murdering some guy. They wind up on the Welsh border and take shelter in a farm where a rather attractive older lady is busy with a sideline in growing marijuana. For a brief period, this seems like heaven to them. Or, as they express it, "a Milf on a weed farm, what more could you want?"

Inspired by watching last year's episodes, I have also gone back to season 4 and 5 and my all time favourite character - Carrie, the mad policewoman. A real shame when she left I thought. So maybe we will watch season 4 and 5 again next.

One of Carrie's rare raunchy moments

And the slightly fetish version of Carrie from the closing credits. There is also a James Bond spy themed closing credits in which she appears.

A year or so ago the actress who played Carrie - Amanda Ryan - was in one of the period dramas that we were watching. After Shameless, it was pretty odd to see her in something like that, but she has, apparently appeared in some quite high-brow things

The theme of growing marijuana led us back to Saving Grace, one of our favourite films. I was particularly taken this time by the two old ladies who make themselves what they think is a pot of tea. But like It's Complicated, that we also saw recently, some films are more or less adverts for smoking weed.

Two old ladies from Saving Grace

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