Sunday, 13 March 2011

The latest data bash - a new market from Monday

The results of the latest data bash mean that we are close to adding a new market to our trading - the German stock market via the DAX future. As always, we are looking for profitable markets that are largely uncorrelated with what we have already and this seems to fit the bill. I have been sketching out a new series of research programmes for the coming weeks. Everything we are doing is back under the microscope. Some things don't suit me well from a psychological point of view - mainly the hyper fast trading we do in crude - and I am keen to move away from them if possible. I just don't have anything to replace this with yet! How much longer can the constant data bashing go on? I need to tidy up all the research spreadsheets I think. Fill in some gaps, bring some stuff right up to date. Then step back and really think hard about where we are going with it all. In a couple of weeks we are hoping to go to the Lake District and I will have a couple of days off work for the first time this year. Hopefully I will be able to see things a bit clearer for having a break

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