Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Comments on my Blog

For the first time in ages I have reviewed some of the comments people have made on my blog. I tend to assume that no one actually reads my blog but it is clear than some people do stumble across it from time to time - mainly by doing various web searches it would seem.

Most recently, a brief "thank you" from the musician Jarboe who I mentioned a few week's ago in connection with the Swans tour that was then taking place. This brief comment prompts me to listen to her albums Sacrificial Cake, Thirteen Masks, A Mystery of Faith and Men today. Her work is a thing of great beauty and is something I return to again and again.

And with some surprise, I come across three comments on the post I made year's ago after I had a look on Friends Reunited - I hadn't seen any of these before today. My favourite is the one from Gill Jowers. I am really surprised to have heard from her. And as I said in my original post (and the reply to the comments), I have nothing but fond memories of Gill. I remember once persuading my parents to go for a meal at the Portofino restaurant where Gill worked, but she wasn't working that night! And what about the time she overdid it on a sunbed and was a deep red colour for many days. But in the main, I just remember the two of us trying to do physics and maths A level together, paired up for physics practicals, comparing answers to homework and so on. They were very happy days. I hope things have worked out well for her in the 30 years since then - amazing, 30 years!

(Addendum - some time later. And it turns out there is a Gill Fletcher (nee Jowers) on Facebook who was at Kenilworth school in 1981 so it is definitely her! There is a photo of her which I might just about have recognised her from. Nice to put a picture to the name after all these years. I did ponder on it, but I don't think I am going to contact her via Facebook. She is doing an MSc at Uni - good for her!)

The other comments are from Ian Tebby, who seems not to know who I am at all though I knew him quite well, and Chris Deakin, who I don't remember well at all. And I do wonder what happened to Huw Davies who I exchanged some photos with and had a 3 hour phone call with soon after the original blog appeared in 2008 but silence since then.

I really must try and find out what my blog readership has actually been. I use the blog now instead of writing a diary (which I did fairly consistently from about 1977 to 2006 - hence perhaps why I remember the past so well) but I have no aspirations to acquire an actual readership. Perhaps I will post a random diary entry from 1980 or so - or would that be too embarrassing?

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Gillian Fletcher said...

Hello, really flattered that you like my bird photography. It's an interest I've had for years and with the advances in digital photography and lenses, I'm only just beginning to be happy with the results of my efforts....always room to improve though. I can sometimes be found at bird and wildlife reserves chatting to those older and wiser than myself, (accompanied by their traffic cone size lenses), about kit and technique. At the moment I'm using Nikon equipment...mainly because that's what I know...although Canon are probably a bit ahead of Nikon in quality at the moment. My husband thinks I'm a geek however, especially since I'm now getting interested in astronomical photography. Haven't a clue what I'm doing really, although a recent trip to Norway to 'hunt the Northern Lights' provided me with a good learning opportunity as well as a once in a lifetime experience.

I remember burning my face on my Mum's sun lamp. After a teenage bout of chicken pox, I was too vain and desperately wanted to eradicate the few tiny scars I had on my face! My face swelled, went very red and throbbed for what seemed like days ...and I suffered sunstroke. Really stupid thing to do....I hadn't realised anyone outside my family knew about it! I chuckled when I read it in your blog. (Thank you).

The Portofino brings back some happy memories too. I liked working there and tried to be completely reliable and always available for work...my motivation was to earn as much as I could in those days.

I see you are happy, enjoying work, family and fishing. I think we all had a very privileged childhood. I keep in touch with Debbie Inchley (nee Hinks) and Stephanie Jones (nee Clayton) and we all count our blessings for our idyllic childhood in Kenilworth.
Sending kindest wishes