Monday, 14 March 2011

Recent mountaineering reading

My current reading is rather dominated by climbing-related stuff. At the moment this is Doug Scott's Himalayan Climber, which I received as a leaving a present when I left Smith and Nephew at the end of 1992. He really has lived an extraordinary life

Doug Scott - the John Lennon of mountain climbers

On the summit of Everest - a famous photo

Prior to Doug Scott, it was Chris Bonnington's Kongur - China's Elusive Summit, one of my dad's climbing books (which I have kept all of). The other three members of this Bonnington expedition are now all dead - Boradman, Tasker and Rouse

And prior to that it was Nick Heil's Dark Summit, a different version of the summer of 2008 on Everest - the season that was filmed for the Discovery programme I've been watching recently What next? Perhaps Greg Child's Thin Air, or one of Reinhold Messner's books (though I can't find these at the moment) One good side effect of this is to provide me with significant motivation for going to the gym. Perhaps surprisingly, I am now making real progress - I'm up to doing 40 lengths of the pool, 20 mins of weights, 20 mins on the cross trainer machine, not bad progress for four weeks of effort.

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