Friday, 4 February 2011

Trading psychology - enhancing performance

The last few days I have become somewhat obsessed with the question of elite performance. I have been of the view that Jerome hasn't been pulling his weight, not doing all that is necessary if we are going to succeed in our endeavour. I have been pondering on going ahead without him and have been generally berating him for the mistake that occur and the general feeling that he needs to work much harder.

This has largely been inspired by the book One Good Trade that I have been reading the last few weeks, an insight into the world of prop trading firms. This has emphasized the things they look for in prop traders and we don't measure up at the moment.

Jerome's response to the recent criticism has been positive. He has a much better feel for how much work I am currently doing and there has been some improvement in his own work ethic. i will send him this book soon
As recommended by Bellafiore, I have recently purchased Brett Steenbarger's Enhancing Trader Performance and that has set me off into more rages about our poor processes. Things have got to improve over the coming months

Full of insights into elite performance in all fields

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