Friday, 25 February 2011

Emma and Linda's "Fitness Fiesta" and brownie making

Emma arrived back in Oxford around 9:00 last night after a regular day's work and a relatively slow journey back on the coach. Linda and I had been in an Irish pub where Linda has a couple of very big glasses of wine and gets a little tipsy, and where she buys a really poor drawing of me done by some guy in the pub. We have pizza out and then home via the garage to buy Phish Food - perhaps this isn't going to be a de-tox weekend afterall. Emma seems in very good spirits and was saying how happy she is generally at the moment.

So Linda and Emma are away for a few days at a fitness weekend in Nuneaton. I have a couple of days here on my own. My small contribution to their weekend is to make a tray of chocolate brownies this morning using the Jamie recipe in his 30 minute meals book. Surprisingly perhaps, they came out really well and the addition of pecan nuts on top and cherries within particularly good.

For the rest of the day I worked on the daily pack spreadsheet that we'll use from Monday and continued to follow the markets in real time. I would have really liked to have spoken to Jerome for an hour or so today but he is away with the kids and I haven't heard from him.

Spare time is mainly spent reading Jim Curran's book on K2

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