Friday, 24 May 2013

Catching Up 2 - The Painting Holiday Business

For the last two months, we have been developing a painting holiday idea to try and enhance the low-season rental stream from our house in France.

Modelled on our old overseas business that we ran in 2008, but without the drag of third-party rental expense, we are planning for this business to be largely run by two friends (one of whom is an art teacher which should help).  Wife and I expect to be quite passive in the day-to-day operation.  It is too hot to sit outside painting for hours in July and August in our area of France, so we are targeting May-June and September-October - exactly the weaker times in our rental plans.

At this stage, the business is being discussed in general terms only.  But we are about to have our first print advert published and are beginning to consider some points of detail.  One of the key lessons from our experiences in 2008 is that the more that is planned in advance, the easier the work is to do.  So lots of thought needed now.

The painting holidays now have their own website

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