Friday, 24 May 2013

Catching Up 1 - Our House in France

Since we bought the house last November, I have spent about 7 weeks there in total, mainly doing the re-decoration needed in order to enhance the rental part of the property.  This has gone extremely well I think and I am really delighted by how it now looks.  It has been rented for enough weeks to cover the annual running costs, but not enough to eat much into the renovation costs.  But a decent enough start.

The renovation work on the other half has progressed further than I had expected at this time.  The plan has been enhanced compared to the early versions, but at a slightly increased cost.  However, when this is finished, the outcome is going to be extremely good.  We'll be left with a 9-bedroom, 4-bathroom farmhouse, easily split into two as seperate rental properties.  But there is at least 8-10 weeks of work for me over the next winter to see this through to completion.  And a huge amount of thought needed to see it finished properly

The house has its own website

Picture added later - our house it all its summer glory

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