Friday, 24 May 2013

Catching Up 4 - Daughter's PhD

Daughter was accepted for her Masters / PhD at Oxford some time ago.  Some time later, she received notification that she was getting a "studentship" to cover the cost of this for the prospective four years - amazing news.

The one area where she has not yet heard is from the college she applied for.  This was chosen on the "scientific" grounds that it seemed to have the most active Middle Common Room social life. 

If she does get in their, she should get accommodation for the first two years.  I have a walk past the main accommodation block the other week and it looks very nice.

As I write this, Daughter is in Tanzania working as an English teacher.  Though she is enjoying this, she is thinking of coming back a couple of weeks early as she has loads to do related to college, etc (and is probably a bit "over-travelled" from the past 9 months or so on the road)

This time last year, she was still working at the management consultancy in London and not enjoying it.  So what a change in a year.  Resignation, 3 months in India, getting her PhD place, 3 months in the Far East, her yoga teaching qualification, 2 months in Tanzania.  It has certainly been a dramatic year.

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