Friday, 19 April 2013

Today I bought a van!

As we develop our current business idea, we have reached the decision that we could do with a van.  It costs us around £400 to do a round trip to France with a hired van and we are planning to go there perhaps 8 times a year.  It would cost us about £3750 to buy a Van that ought to last four or five years and so would cost under £1000 per year.  So a big potential saving by having our own.

And if the business doesn't work out, I will probably to be able to get £3k for itand so it will have still been better to own one rather than hire one.

That said, it is Jerome that will be looking after the van and doing most of the driving in it.  He is hoping to get some small "man with a van" jobs each week in Bristol to help pay for it all. 

So we are planning a trip to France in a few weeks time - to deliver the furniture I have here that I want in "Petits chats", pick up some stuff that I bought on the last trip, and to allow us to visit several brocante markets and try and buy 50 to 100 boxes of stuff to re-sell in the UK.

So another exciting development 

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