Friday, 19 April 2013

Its Daughter's Birthday - 24 today

In Daughter's busy schedule, it is perhaps surprising that she is actually home when it is her birthday.  So 24 today - an age she describes as being a "crap age", neither young enough or old enough apparently.  I don't know what that means really.

Last year we went to Le Caprice and saw Tara Palmer Tomkinson.  This year we went to a really nice pub near Oxford that one of Wife's clients recommended and had a really lovely meal.  The place was packed out - so some pubs are doing OK

Daughter has had quite a year.  This time last year, she was working for a Management Consultants in London and not enjoying it.  A few month's later she quit.  Since then, she has been to India for 3 months working for a micro finance bank, had three months in the far east where she visited four or five countries and did a yoga-teacher-training course.  And she is off to Tanzania in a few weeks time where she'll be teaching English for a couple of months.

She has some things to do in Europe over the summer and then should be starting her MSc / PhD in the autumn. 

So what a year!

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