Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Painting holidays in France

Another idea for boosting the revenue from our French property - hosting painting holidays.

Our two friends - J and Y - seem up for the callenge of running this.  Y is an art teacher, so the actual painting part of the holidays should be fine, while J is half-french, so that should help too.

There are some complications though.  For instance, J has to return to the UK for access to his two children.  That return journey was part of the reason we were looking at the brocante business idea as the regular trips back could be used to bring stuff.  This has meant that the holidays have to be organised as one-week-on, one-week-off, which might not be ideal. 

There are some upfront costs for this venture which we are finding, but hopefully J and Y will manage most of it themselves, in effect paying us rent out of their turnover. 

Wife and I are hoping that our experience running holidays in Europe back in 2008 will be of help.

The painting holiday website is at http://painting-holidays-in-france.co.uk

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