Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Italian Holiday Part 2


We are inspired to have a day out, even after our jog along the lake shore this morning. Our selected target is Orvieto, via Castiglione del Lago, location of a hypermarket full of nice, cheap, Italian wine. No trip into the old part of the village, where previously we have also bought loads of wine - this left for later in the week.

Orvieto is a quite stunning town perched in the top of a hill. We have been there once before, but had arrived during the siesta and hadn't been able to go in the cathedral.

One of the most amazing facades we have come across

Then for pizza at a place we found last time - now officially the best pizza we have ever had.

Back to Passignano via another supermarket and dinner tonight takes place on our hotel balcony. There has been a funeral in the town centre for much of the afternoon. More reading, but tonight would have been an ideal night to watch something on our laptop, had it been working.


My main reading remains Simon King's Shetland Diaries. I am pretty sure I have a copy of the tv show that goes with this book.

Finally I have been forced to contact Jerome about the trading and a couple of points for next week. The hotel lets me borrow their office PC. Otherwise, the day is spent sunbathing and reading again.

Tonights meal is at the more gourmet restaurant in the town square - the started of scallops in a cream, proseco and saffron sauce was amazing. I bet I could make something like this.


More reading and sunbathing. Today's book is the one I part read before the holiday about Bobby Fischer and the world chess championship in Iceland. I feel the Russians should have adopted tactics like Fischers, every time he raised objections to things.

Some dark clouds and rain late afternoon - thunder in the distance.

Dinner at Il Molo - argument about how much tip to leave.

A quick chat with Emma tonight and agreement to postpone a possible trip to the Lake District in the next few weeks. Instead, Emma will come home for a visit.

Yet again, drinks at the bar by the lake shore!

More antipasto di mare

The view from our balcony over the "old town" on the cloudy evening.


Clear weather again and a morning by the pool. Linda is beginning to get stressed again about our return to the UK.

It clouds over in the afternoon and we go the Castiliogne again for more wine buying. We are particularly impressed by the 6 x 1.5L bottle of Montepulciano that we acquire for 9 euros in total. This is probably not the best quality wine in the world.

Dinner at La Locanda (??), the gourmet restaurant.

Beef with truffle enfused olive oil - delicious.

Our nightly ice-cream purchase at the bar by the lake shore.

And all set for the drive to Pisa in the morning for Linda's flight, and the start of my long drive home.

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