Monday, 20 June 2011

Boris - new cds and a missed chance to see them live

The current issue of Wire Magazine has a review of the two new cds by Boris, my favourite band of the last three or four years. For some reason, they have released two cds at the same time. The review of somewhat mixed, generally feeling that one of the cds is not really a progression on previous takes on the same theme. But I am instantly keen to here them

Both are available from and I have downloaded them in minutes. But the emusic site now also gives details of any upcoming live shows by the artist and this reveals that Boris played a show in London yesterday! The band I most want to see live and I've missed them by a day. Not happy.

As a result, I have deferred listening to the cds until I am less unhappy about this

New release 0ne - Attention Please

New Release 2 - Heavy rocks (same title as a cd from a few years back)

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